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( for Butterfly Frame)
8x18尺 去背色幕(蝴蝶框專用)

建議另選購Butterfly Frame組合框

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  • 規格說明

Contents 1 large-format green screen, 1 lightweight carry bag, 1 Sticky Mat with 30 sheets

Dimensions: 8' x 18' /2.44m x 5.49m - green screen, open

26" x 24" x 6" / 66 x 61 x 15.2cm, 13.2 lbs/6kg - Carry Bag with screen inside

Materials: High grade, foam backed polyester fabric with Velcro tabs and heavy-duty zippers on each side (green screen); clean room grade, disposable adhesive mat (Sticky Mat); heavyweight nylon polyester fabric coated with polyurethane for waterproofing, clear plastic vinyl, padded nylon web shoulder strap, Velcro padded grip handle (carry bag)